Life Tree

Open Your Eyes To You

Mapping the Past, Present & Future You

The first step on the path of the Talliston labyrinth is to map your personal Life Tree. This is a chart of key touchstones of your Past (Roots), current aspects of your Present (Trunk) and horizon points for your Future (Branches). It asks you the questions of who I was, who I am and who I will be. The Life Tree is a way to visualising and vocalising your true self and then taking the steps to manifest that life into being.
The Life Tree is divided into three parts; the Roots, Trunk and Branches. Onto this are positioned the Moons, Doors and Rooms that comprise the labyrinth within Talliston House & Gardens. And intertwined with these are the Emotional, Physical and Mental lifeforce energies that flow away and toward us, and that affect our states of health, happiness and harmony.
By identifying the levels of energy, both inflowing and outflowing, in our lives and balance them in the moment, this will allow us to Know, Trust and Be our true selves.

When you book The Life Tree this includes a private guided consultation mapping your past, present and future across the Oracle

tree while travelling through the Talliston locations. After your experience you will receive a completed Life Tree chart

including a full written report of insights and recommendations. Voice & Video online consultations are also available.