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Talliston Oracle


The Secret Lies Within...


This is a house unlike any other, hidden in a wood that you cannot see.Within has been built a secret oracle for you to explore and discover. This is your invitation to enter its labyrinth of rooms and reveal its mysteries...



"The experience at Taliston was very inspiring and enjoyable. The setting is truly a Palace of Extraordinary Experiences..."




In ancient times, an oracle was a place visited for divine advice or prophecy. Today, the Talliston Oracle is a practical and instinctive approach to discovering the secret that lies within all of us; our true self. Using simple and practical steps you are guided through the labyrinth of the house to answer the question: “What Is Life?”


And the answer is not found by asking others or searching outside ourselves. The answer, all answers, lies within you.


"The Life Tree gave me the freedom to be myself and the rest just naturally followed..."


Consult the oracle if...


Rediscover the natural flow of life in a unique and supportive setting


Reconnect with a time of simplicity and meaning when life was golden


Walk a guided path to take you on a journey through your inner landscape

"I thoroughly recommend the Oracle as the perfect way to set your horizon points and achieve them..."



Do you wish to reconnect with a time of simplicity and happiness?

Perhaps you want to rediscover the natural flow of your life?

Do you feel a need to create more harmony in your inner and outer worlds?

Are you looking for a challenging and supportive guide to take you on that journey?


By entering the house you’ll find yourself in a place where time has no power and stepping over the threshold you will pass into a series of sacred places. The Talliston Oracle uses the energy of its unique environments to quieten the noise of the world around you, allowing you to hear your inner voices. Becoming aware of the river of your life and finding your flow is one of the most powerful discoveries you can make.


"I had always dreamed of a thatched cottage in the countryside. And only two weeks after entering the Oracle, I was moving in!"



Labyrinths have been used for over 4,000 years and symbolically represent the aspects of time’s passage, spiritual growth, connection to the source, emergence and evolution. Just as we make pilgrimages in the outer world to nourish and replenish ourselves, so too can we journey to the inner world through labyrinths to find inspiration and healing.


Because life is not a maze, it is a path. Recognise and follow that path to the centre of your self and there you’ll discover the stories within you and see that adventure is everywhere.

In the Talliston labyrinth you don’t lose yourself;
you find yourself...

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The Talliston Oracle
Great Dunmow  |  England
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