Choose your favourite artwork and room with this single letter option. Written by award-winning author John Tarrow and with beautiful illustrations by Rebecca Solow, experience the delight of these beautiful letters from the mysterious Talliston labyrinth. Each one is set in one of Talliston’s thirteen rooms, continuing and enhancing the story of The Stranger’s Guide To Talliston.


Letters From The Labyrinth: Single Letter

  • Not personalised or signed, these four-page A4 letters contain a complete mini story and front page digital watercolour artwork. They are sent in hardback envelope unfolded.

    THE LETTERS: Same Locations | Different Moments

    Letter #1: The Labyrinth | Discovering more of the mysterious Earth-fast Stone

    Letter #2: The Hall of Mirrors | Coming face to face with the God of Time in ancient Italy

    Letter #3: The Watchtower | Battle in Snowdonia for a Wizard’s Tower

    Letter #4: The Voodoo Kitchen | Hoodoo and Hauntings in the New Orleans bayou

    Letter #5: The Boathouse | Exploring a Viking settlement in Greenland

    Letter #6: The Fountain Courtyard | A Time of Legend with the Highkings of Ireland

    Letter #7: The Cabin | Wilderness Adventures in the Wilds of Saskatchewan

    Letter #8: The Starhouse | Arrival in the Far Future at a Temple in Japan

    Letter #9: The Haunted Bedroom | Photographs and Poltergeists in an Abandoned Scottish mansion

    Letter #10: The Room of Dreams | Arabian Adventures in the Alhambra Palace

    Letter #11: The Office | Fire and Fantasy at the Dreamland Park in turn-of-the-century New York

    Letter #12: The Treehouse Sanctuary | Unearthing the Secrets of Jungle temples

    Letter 13: Only Available with a full annual subscription to Letters From The Labyrinth.

    © Story John Tarrow / Artwork Rebecca Solow.


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