Letters From The Labyrinth is an illustrated fantasy story based on the worlds from The Stranger’s Guide to Talliston. 


Written by author John Tarrow and illustrated by Rebecca Solow, this quality A4-format hardback is a sequel, prequel and standalone story to the novel, exploring the thirteen locations of the house and novel.


Each of the thirteen letters is a work of art, illustrated with beautiful watercolours, set in a vast collection of extraordinary times and places. 


It was supposed to be just a game. A bit of scary fun. A lark. Every kid in the town knew the place as The Werehouse. They also knew the terrifying double dare linked to it; if you entered on the night of the dark of the moon and placed your hand upon the cursed stone; if you spoke the rhyme and walked into the empty house; if you did all these things, then you would never been seen again...


On the night of the dark of the moon when all the doors to the Talliston labyrinth open, a raven delivers a letter from your friend trapped within the labyrinth of Britain’s most extraordinary home: Talliston House & Gardens. Hidden inside this apparently ordinary house in its ordinary street lies a labyrinth of doors into some quite extraordinary rooms. These are the locations you'll be visiting on your journey through the letters of the story.

Letters From the Labyrinth First Edition Hardback

  • Hardcover : 124 pages

    Dimensions : 21 x 29.7 x 5 cm

    Publisher : Talliston Publications (18 May 2020)

    Language: : English

    © Cover art: Rebecca Solow.

    John Tarrow is an English novelist, poet, storyteller and award-winning writer. His fascination with folk and faerie tales has taken him on journeys around the world, gathering threads of story and legend to weave into exciting new mythologies. His collaboration with Talliston House & Gardens brings together its thirteen rooms in a fantasy mail adventure set inside “Britain’s Most Extraordinary Home.”

    Rebecca Solow is an American freelance illustrator of children’s books, young adult book covers and magazine stories, with clients ranging from large publishers to published authors. She enjoys bringing all sorts of stories into visual life, and has a special interest in folk tales. She received both her BFA and MFA in Illustration from the Hartford Art School and primarily paints traditionally in mixed media.

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