T H E   F A N T A S Y   M A I L   A D V E N T U R E

Reintroduce yourself to the joy of receiving letters through the post with monthly illustrated and personalised correspondence that builds into an epic fantasy adventure story. It’s good old-fashioned mail, just posted from the extraordinary world of Talliston House & Gardens.





There is a different letter each month, each with a self-contained story, that builds into a complete adventure. Your friend has fallen into the dark paths of the Talliston  labyrinth, and now you get to hear and see into their extraordinary adventures. Each letter is printed on high-quality, premium stock paper that enhance the rich colours and gorgeous watercolour detail of the individual artworks.






Choose one, three, nine or all twelve months of letters – and every full year’s subscription includes a thirteenth letter with bonus maps and secrets. You will receive an introduction pack with the setting and story – and be asked for the name and address of the receiver of the letters. Then on the next dark of the moon, that month’s letter will be sent – and one per lunar month for the duration of your subscription. Upon receiving the last letter in the sequence, you will be given the chance to extend your subscription.

It’s the perfect gift for the fantasy reader in your life.  Be part of this new and exciting chapter in the Talliston adventure...



Click letters to download a WATERMARKED SAMPLE

[Watermark does not appear on actual letters]




A new installment of the story is sent every month on the night of the Dark of the Moon


Sent on the night of the dark of the moon when all the doors to the Talliston labyrinth open, every month you will receive a letter from your friend lost in the labyrinth of Britain’s most extraordinary home.

Written by award-winning author John Tarrow and with beautiful illustrations by Rebecca Solow, experience the delight of receiving beautiful personalised letters from the mysterious Talliston labyrinth. Each one is set in one of Talliston’s thirteen rooms, continuing and enhancing the story of The Stranger’s Guide To Talliston.

These stories are set in the same fantasy universe as The Stranger’s Guide To Talliston. This fantasy young adult novel is all about the house and gardens, and can be found in bookstores and online everywhere. While not essential to enjoying the letters, it makes a wonderful accompaniment to these new adventures –      and can be read before, during or after            your subscription.




Letter #1 Watermarked Sample
LftL 0 watermarked sample-1.jpg






Though the story of the letters is filled with wild adventures, a big part of the wonder of receiving the letters is owning such beautifully illustrated pieces of art. Each letter has its own hand painted watercolour by Rebecca Solow. 

Each piece of artwork is taken through several stages of development, from brief, concept, sketch and drawing – until it is finally painted. Every illustration has a complex first brief where the concept, story scene, colours, architectural designs and motifs are all discussed.


The next stage of the artwork is deciding upon the composition of the illustration and several scenes, angles and settings are explored. After the initial sketch is decided, Rebecca sets out to capture the detail, characters and setting in a detailed pen and ink.


Along with the main illustration, borders and the all-important magical doorway into each particular location were developed. Then, using a colour scheme reflecting the seasons and elements of each artwork, until finally the finished watercolour emerges.

L E T T E R S   F R O M   T H E   L A B Y R I N T H

L E T T E R S   F R O M   T H E   L A B Y R I N T H   I N F O R M A T I O N 

Further product details about the letters, subscriptions and more

T H E   L E T T E R S

Each letter is full colour digitally printed onto premium stock cartridge paper and arrives unfolded in its own hardback envelope, complete with artwork label and seal.

W H A T   Y O U   W I L L   R E C E I V E

Upon subscribing using the form above, the chosen idividual will receive an introduction pack with the setting and story – and then on the next dark of the moon, their first letter – and one per lunar month for the duration of your subscription. Please state whether the letters should be written by a male or female friend trapped in the labyrinth.


Each month of your subscription, you will receive an A4 envelope containing an unfolded series of pages that make up a complete letter. The first page contains a full colour digital watercolour of a scene from the letter and opening text, then the following pages contain the complete story, including additional colour border art.


Download the sample pages for a visual guide to the final letters.


After receiving the last letter in your sequence, you and the receiver of the letter will be given the chance to extend your subscription for a further three, six or nine letters.

S U B S C R I P T I O N   O P T I O N S          

Choose one, three, six, nine or all twelve months of letters – though remember only the full year’s subscription includes the final Thirteenth Letter containing the conclusion of the story,

plus bonus maps and secrets.


C O S T   C O M P A R I S O N 

One Letter : £10.00 per letter  |  £10.00

This equates to £9.00 per letter + £1.00 p&p.

Three Letters : 10% off individual letter price  |  £9.00 per letter   |  £27.00

This equates to £7.67 per letter + £3.99 p&p.

Six Letters : 20% off individual letter price  |  £8.00 per letter  |  £48.00 

This equates to £6.84 per letter + £6.99 p&p.

Nine Letters : 25% off individual letter price  |  £7..50 per letter  |  £67.50 

This equates to £6.39 per letter + £9.99 p&p.

All Twelve Letters : 30% off individual letter price  |  £84.00

PLUS: exclusive Thirteenth Letter, maps and bonuses (only available with full year subscription)

This equates to £5.92 per letter + £12.99 p&p.

L A U N C H   D A T E         

Letters From The Labyrinth : The Fantasy Mail Adventure will launch on 1st July 2019.

Any subscriptions purchased before this date will be sent on the day of launch.


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