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Within a labyrinth you do not lose yourself. You find yourself...

Step inside the first oracular temple to be built in 3,500 years

Labyrinths have been in use for over 4000 years and the ancient practice of circling to the centre is one that clears the mind, offers insight and calms people in the throes of life’s transitions. Just as we make pilgrimages in the outer world to nourish and replenish ourselves, so too can we make pilgrimages to the inner world through the landscape of the house, to find inspiration and healing. 
In a similar way the Talliston Oracle offers a way to link to the secret places that lie within all of us and draw answers from the deepest parts of ourselves. Yet in this case it is not divination, it is reconnecting with our True Selves. By entering the house you’ll find yourself in a place where time has no power and stepping over each threshold you will pass  into a series of sacred, magical places. The Talliston Oracle uses the energy of its unique environments to quieten the noise of the world around you, allowing you to hear the voice of your true self. By passing through the unreal, you will realise you were born golden and how you had the answers all along. In ancient times, an oracle was a place visited for divine advice or prophecy.
Today, the Talliston Oracle is a practical and instinctive approach to discovering the secret that lies within all of us; our true self. Using simple and practical steps you are guided through the labyrinth of the house to answer the question: “What Is Life?”And the answer is not found by asking others or searching outside ourselves. The answer, all answers, lies within you.

When you book a Full Reading (Tree) you will receive a full and comprehensive reading of the Talliston Oracle across all thirteen locations of the labyrinth. A Partial Reading (Branch) is a focused reading of the Talliston Oracle centred around a specific question or topic, covering only certain locations of the labyrinth. A Guided Meditation (Roots) is also available and uses one specific location of the labyrinth to explore a precise question or topic. All proceeds go towards the running and maintenance of the temple.